Two-vehicle collision in Hopkinsville results in injuries

A two-vehicle collision at the intersection of East 9th and South Virginia Streets resulted in injuries on Monday.

According to a report from Hopkinsville Police, Michael Beouy of Hopkinsville was driving eastbound on East 9th Street and approaching the South Virginia Street intersection. Beouy told officers that as he was driving, he was emotionally distraught and having a hard time focusing on the road.

While he was passing through the intersection Beouy was reportedly hit by a vehicle operated by Tracy Deason of Hopkinsville that heading north on South Virginia Street. Deason told officers that he was stopped at a redlight and when it turned green, he proceeded through the intersection and did not see Beouy’s vehicle approaching until the collision occurred.

Beouy and Deason were both transported to Jennie Stuart Medical Center for their injuries. Cameras facing the intersection reportedly revealed that Beouy ran a red light and Deason had the right of way.