Hopkinsville Police arrest man threatening to blow up home

Hopkinsville Police arrested 39-year-old Paul Sierra of Hopkinsville after he reportedly threatened to blow up his mother’s house on Sunday.

According to a report from police, officers responded to a residence on South Oneal Avenue for reports of a man threatening to blow up his mother’s house. At the scene officers made contact with Sierra’s mother who reportedly vacated her residence as a result of Sierra’s threats.

Sierra allegedly attempted blowing up the house by turning the heaters on so that the gas would flow through the house while having a lighter and piece of paper in his possession in a bathroom. At the scene, officers reportedly smelled natural gas coming from the residence and evacuated those in neighboring homes.

Firefighters from the Hopkinsville Fire Department were called to the residence to shut off the gas lines connecting to house Sierra was in. After the gas was shut off, officers entered the home to find that Sierra allegedly barricaded himself inside of the bathroom.

To gain access to the bathroom, an officer kicked in the door and found Sierra with a lighter and piece of paper in his hand.

Sierra was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment, second-degree disorderly conduct and third-degree terroristic threatening.