Addiction recovery nonprofits partner to host community events

Focusing on addiction recovery, Oxford House of Hopkinsville and Jeremiah’s Mission are partnering to host multiple events throughout the year to highlight and connect those in need to addiction recovery resources.

Oxford House is a national organization that focuses on recovery offering a community-based and independent rehabilitation approach that allows recovering addicts to live together in a self-supporting, democratic and sober environment. In Christian County there are four Oxford Houses for men and one Oxford House for women.

Jeremiah’s Mission is a transitional living house for men that works to provide sober and safe living conditions while helping occupants become productive community members.

Donald Weatherwax the training and education coordinator for Oxford House and Jackie Demarco the co-founder of Jeremiah’s Mission shared that they are planning a recovery block party and fair as well as an overdose awareness ceremony.

Weatherwax shared that they are hosting a recovery block party on April 27 from noon to 4 p.m., with the purpose of providing free community fun while also informing attendees about what addiction recovery resources are available in the community.

Weatherwax says vendors at the block party will engage with attendees and share what recovery can look like as well as what options are available. The event also serves to not only engage those who are recovering from addiction, but the community as a whole in case attendees know someone who may need help and can connect them to resources.  

August 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day and Demarco says they will host a ceremony with live music, testimonials from people sharing how they have been affected by overdose and a balloon release to conclude the event.

On September 28, Weatherwax says they will be hosting their second annual recovery fair which is geared toward connecting people to addiction recovery resources in the community.

Right now, Weatherwax says Oxford House and Jeremiah’s Mission are solely supporting the events and is inviting any community organizations that would be interested in also supporting their efforts. Weatherwax says Christian County faces a substance abuse issue and Demarco says those living with addiction deserve the chance to change.   

Those who want to know more about the events Jeremiah’s Mission and Oxford House has planned or are interested in providing support can contact Demarco at 270-348-1878 or contact Weatherwax at 270-510-0178. All of the events planned will be hosted at the Christian County Justice Center.